Live Steam 5gauge Br Britannia Class, 70004, William Shakespeare. New Build

Live steam 5gauge BR Pacific Britannia Class, 70004, William Shakespeare. I bought it earlier this year as a partbuilt Winson kit, since when it has been continuously worked on in our workshop. All the relevant necessary changes were installed so that finally we had a great new locomotive. The professional silver soldered copper was boiler tested in steam on the rolling road before being dismantled and sent to the paintshop. She has twin injectors, axle pump, mechanical cylinder lubricator, etc. The item "Live steam 5gauge BR Britannia Class, 70004, William Shakespeare. New build" is in sale ...

Live Steam 5gauge 0-4-2 Sweetpea. New Build, Engineer Built

An excellent example of the very popular Sweetpea and built by an engineer with very many years of model engineering experience. This one has the added advantage of the rear pony axle which gives more stability over rough tracks. She has an axle pump, handpump, mechanical cylinder lubricator, handbrake, etc. Measures 33long, 13wide, 23high, considerably larger than a standard gauge in 5gauge. Boiler certificate for silver soldered copper boiler, Hydraulic expires Oct. The item "Live steam 5gauge 0-4-2 Sweetpea. NEW BUILD, engineer built" is in sale since Saturday, October 5, 2019. This ...

Live Steam 5gauge 0-6-0 Simplex-superb New Build

An extremely good example of the ever popular Martin Evans Simplex. Built by an experienced model engineer with an eye for meticulous detail. Ideal for beginners as it is very accessible for operating and firing whilst on the move. A heavy and powerful loco that will perform all day long at the club and pull ten or more passengers without any wheel slip. She has an injector, handpump, axle pump, mechanical cylinder lubricator, pole reverser, cab operated cylinder drain cocks, etc. Comes with an excellent carrying frame, see photograph 11. Measures 33long, 10wide, 14high, weight 90lb. Boiler ...

Live Steam 5gauge Br Standard 9f, Evening Star, 2-10-0. New Build, Full Boiler Cer

   Live steam 5gauge BR Standard 9F, Evening Star, 2-10-0. New build, full boiler certificate. This is a really stunning example of the popular and powerful BR Standard 9F 2-10-0. This one in Black, the colour I prefer. I used to drive them when I was a driver at Aston Shed and had nothing but praise for them, though they did tend to spread the track points, in some of the very old sidings, with their long fixed wheelbase. This one, I suggest, would look better if the name was changed to Black Prince-she has recently been recommissioned. I can provide the name of the company ...
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